Sheffield floods

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The Wicker Arches               The Wicker Arches
The Wicker Arches.  Photos: Lesley Boulton.





Millsands apartments                The new inner ring Road
Millsands apartments and the new inner ring Road behind the Wicker.
Photos: Lesley Boulton




Bag sands                     Damaged furniture
The aftermath of the floods at the Wicker.
Photos: Lesley Boulton




Nursery Street             Behind the Wicker
The over flooded river Don on Nursery St. and behind the Wicker.
Photos: Lesley Boulton




New Road joining Savile Street near the Wicker Arches              Irwin Mitchel
New Road joining Savile Street and Erwin Mitchel's new Headquarters.
Photos: Lesley Boulton




Corporation Street             River Don at Lady's Bridge
Corporation Street and river Don at Lady's Bridge.
Photos: Lesley Boulton




Nursery Street             Nursery Street
Nursery Street.  Photos: Delanthear




River Loxley             Holme Lane
River Loxley's weir at Hillsborough Corner and Holme Lane. Hillsborough.
Photos: Delanthear




Nursery Street           Brightside Lane
Nursery Street and Brightside Lane.
Photos: Delanthear




Endcliffe Park              Endcliffe Park
Endcliffe Park.  Photos: Delanthear




Endcliffe Park              Endcliffe Park
Endcliffe Park.   Photos: Delanthear




River Don     Nursery Street
River Don on Nursery Street.   Photos: Mike Lee



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