Sheffield floods

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The massive Sheffield downpour in June 2007 caused the biggest civil disaster in recent times. It affected everybody and I think it is very important to record it. I hope as time passes this collection of images becomes an important historical record of the impact of the floods.

I would like to thanks all those people who have made this photo-chronicle of the floods possible.
Keep your images coming please.


Shalesmoor                    Irwin Mitchel
Shalesmoor and Irwin Mitchel under water.
Photos: Chris Iddon




Outside Irwin Mitchel              Flooded stairs
Outside Irwin Mitchel and flooded stairs
Photos: Chris Iddon




Penistone Road              Penistone Road
This is Penistone Road near Rutland Rd.
Photos: Chris Iddon




Penistone Road           Penistone Road
Penistone Road.    Photos: Chris Iddon





Shalesmoor            Shalesmoor
Shalesmoor.  Photos: Chris Iddon





Kelham Island            Kelham Island
Kelham Island.  Photos: Chris Iddon





Shalesmoor            Penistone Road
Penistone Road.  Photos: Chris Iddon





Shalesmoor area           Flooded car park
Shalesmoor area.  Photos: Chris Iddon.





Kelham Island
Kelham Island.  Photo: Chris Iddon





The Harlequin pub              The Harlequin pub
The Harlequin public House on Nursery St.
Photos: Lesley Boulton




The Wicker             The Wicker
The aftermath of the floods at the Wicker. 
Photos: Lesley Boulton




The Wicker Arches           The Wicker Arches
The Wicker Arches.  Photos: Lesley Boulton




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