Luis Arroyo photography
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(S2B)   This school considered somewhat over the top for a school building. This grand edifice built between 1837-40
(S2A)   Built between 1868-71, It was bombed in 1940 and much of it re-built in later years                    

King Edward School

» St Mark's Church. Broomhill                
                                      (S2C)   The clock tower of Sheffield Town Hall. Completed in 1896. It stands 210ft tall with a bronze statue on top        
  (S2D)   It was one of Sheffield top boarding school. Built in 1875. Currently used as a resource centre.                                      
Springfield Boarding School    
  Sheffield Town Hall
(S2E)   The 'human tree' not far from the Strine's reservoir                                      
(S2F)   Lamp standard at entrance to Norfolk Park, Granville Rd. A listed grade ll building
Lamp standard on Granville Road
 The 'Human Tree' near Strine reservoir  
(S2G)   I took this photograph during a hot and dry summer, normally this part of the reservoir is always under water
(S2H)   The Market Cross in the Woodhouse shopping square
Ladybower reservoir    
Woodhouse Square  »
(S2J)   This monument was unveiled in 1922 dedicated to the officers and men of the York & Lancaster Regiment                                        
    (S2K)   This is the impressive Neo-classical gateway to Botanical Gardens. It is supported by four Ionic columns. Built around 1830.
Botanical gardens
Weston Park memorial
(S2M)   Endcliffe Park
(S2L)   Park Square Bridge      
Park Square Bridge        
   Endcliffe Park  »
(S2N)   Jessop Hospital for women opened in 1878. This late gothic style building currently  under renovation for the  University of Sheffield                                                
(S2O)   Canal dock at Tinsley
Tinsley Canal Dock
 Jessop Hospital      
(S2Q)   Tree root at St George's church graveyard
(S2P)   Weston park bandstand        
  Weston Park   Tree and Roots  
(S2R)   The Sir Mappin University Building. Built between 1902-1913 as the Dept. of Applied Science  
Sheffield University
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