Anns Grove School. opened 1897. Sheffield

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A former Primary school complex of three lovely Grade ll listed Victorian buildings in the heart of the Heeley area of Sheffield. This old village school has been left vacant for many years and has been vandalised so much that most windows have been put through, as a result it is no longer watertight. The future of the building is very much uncertain. It is currently on the market for development opportunities.

All photographs taken during summer 2008 and above information correct at the time.

Please note that the original name given to this school was Gleadless Road School. In the 1920's the name of the school was changed to Anns Road School and became Anns Grove School in 1980.




Anns Grove School          Broken Windows



Broken windows                                    Roof top



Entrance to school from playground                                    School gate



Hall          Kitchen



Rain water in school hall                                      Radiator



Door to classroom                                     Corridor



Kitchen extractor                                 Stairs



Toilet             Book storage



View from the school playground


A listed building is one that has been judged to be of special architectural or historical interest by the Environment Department. Anns Road School is protected by Law against demolition without consent, and against alteration without permission.

The Anns Road school buildings include the Nursery, Junior, Infants and the Caretaker's house. The walls of the school are also protected. Sheffield has over 1,000 listed buildings of which 853 are Grade II.

(Buildings of classification Grade II are of outstanding regional importance).


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