Portland Works. Sheffield

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Portland Works is a 140 year old historic building Grade *II which is currently closure-threatened and its original character may go for ever. The building has a special place in the City’s industrial heritage as it was home to the first company in the world to manufacture stainless steel cutlery. — Portland Works is currently home to traditional metal craftsmen, tool makers and some artist. The present owners of the site are seeking to convert the works into urban living accommodation.

…Portland Works is the last building of its type in Sheffield…and it needs to be saved.

All photos taken in March 2010

Portland Works



  Portland works                   Stairs




Furnace                    Workshops




    Stuart Mitchell's knives                   Knives



Stuart Mitchell 's knives                    Workshop



Stuart Mitchell



Stuart's Knife



Stuart             Machinery



Letters boxes



Portland Works                  Roof



Tool Maker                   Tools



Workshop                 Tools



Andy Cole                      Machinery



A view from the top



Fine stair                          Broken window



Workshop                       WW2 air raid shelter



Portland Works




Office                       Bridgeport



Workshop                     Mr M. Shaw. Engraving



Engraving                           Mr Shaw



Old Sheffield telephone number



Old grinding wheel






Portland Works


Keep the heritage of Sheffield alive and well !!
If you wish to follow the latest news about the future of this historic place
Please visit  www.portlandworks.co.uk


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