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House plan

The above illustration is a sales brochure printed by property developer 'George Wimpey'. It depicts the construction plan of one of the many new residential roads being built within the former hospital site. Dave and Jane Leverton who expressed an interest in a new home started to photograph the progress of their new neighbourhood. The following photographs illustrate the location of the Levertons's new home being built over the cricket pitch/main sports field of the hospital. — Their home was finally completed around March 2003 and the new road is called 'Northwood Drive'.


Northwood Drive being built


Northwood Drive.


Wadsley Park Village
Sale's brochure showing the new housing development


Northwood Drive being built


Northwood Drive being built


Dave & Brandon
Dave and his son Brandon standing on the location of their new home.


Northwood Drive


Northwood Drive


Home completed.
Dave and Jane's new home completed.


Back of house
The back of the house.


'South Yorkshire Asylum'
This is a piece of ceramic which Dave found while planting at the back of his new home. Dave explained that several other similar pieces were in the ground, also clay smoking pipes too fragile to be saved were present, probably used by WW1 wounded soldiers.


Kingswood building
Kingswood building being converted into new apartments.


Kingswood building


Kingswood building


Administration building
The back of the Administration building during the redevelopment of the site.


'It's a knock out' competition
Staff from the hospital during 'It's a knock out' competition, around 1977.
Dave 's mother Nora (right) worked at the hospital in the 1970's and provides the following photographs.


Nora relaxing on the grounds of the hospital next to the tennis courts. In the background the sign indicates '« Chapel'  'Bungalow »'
Nora worked at the hospital from around 1975 to late 1970's.


Nora during sports day.


Industrial Unit
Nora in the Industrial Unit.


Peter Lemming
Peter Lemming, head of the O.T. Department, retired in 1988.


Sports day
This is Dave's older sister Jane, playing rounders on the old cricket field.
Jane worked at the hospital in the early 1980's.


To Administration building
Drive to Administration building.


Car wash
Car wash.




This stone stood above the entrance of the Queenswood building. Today, in someone's garden.


Queenswood building
Entrance to Queenswood building (arrow indicating the location of the stone)


A closer look at the stone.



Steps from the hospital. Now in someone's house.

A closer look at the steps.


More steps from the former hospital.




George Beal

Robert Beal sent this article about his father George who worked at the hospital.
It was printed in the 'Middlewood and Wharncliffe Times' April 1975.

George Beal


George Beal




Hospital gate
The remains of the original listed gate, photo taken in October 2010.




Newspaper cutting
©Sheffield Telegraph  As printed in the local newspaper in December 2011.


Brass cross


Brass cross


Brass cross



During the course of 2011 some of the hospital staff got together to celebrate the 80's birthday of Ken Brack (second right).
Here are some photos marking the occasion

Keith, Judy, Ken & Eric
Keith Parr, Judy Seaman, Ken Brack and Eric Crowther.


Barry & Eric
Barry Wallis and Eric Crowther


Hilda, Ken & Eric
Hilda Sables, Ken and Eric.


Judy, Jack, Eric & Keith
Judy, Jack Sharrock, Eric & Keith.




The following two images by Dennis Crapper who worked at the hospital.
Dennis explained "I started working at Middlewood Hospital in 1984. In the late 80s we formed a football team, and whilst we weren’t known as “Middlewood” the team was made up almost exclusively of nurses who worked there. We competed in the Royal Windows midweek alliance league for a number of seasons. I have, what I believe, the only existing photographs of this team"

Nurses playing football
Taken in 1989 on the lower pitch at the back of the church. Middlewood Hospital.

Back row left to right
Dave Breese, Dave Stringer, Alex McClimens, Mick Campbell, Luke Wilson, Paul Thorpe, Steve Ingham

Front row left to right
Jonathan Wills, Lee Hewitt, Dennis Crapper, Stuart Jackson, Tom Phillips


Nurses playing football
Taken in 1989 at Barnsley District General Hospital

Back row left to right
Dave Breese, Dave Stringer, Steve Ingham, Mick Campbell, Miklos Kallai, Paul Thorpe, Kerry Bird
In the middle Phil Clay.
Front row left to right: Stuart Jackson, Lee Hewitt, Dennis Crapper, Gerard Strain, Tom Phillips.




Forgotten patients are remembered
Forgotten patients are remembered.
Memorial erected in early 2012 dedicated to the patients who die at the hospital.
Wadsley Church on Worrall Road, Sheffield.


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