Middlewood Hospital 1872-1996

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Queenswood building
Queenswood building.


Wounded soldiers
Postcard showing wounded soldiers and nurses. During First World War the army took over the hospital.

The back of the postcard.


Wharncliffe War Hospital
'Wharncliffe War Hospital'. This was the name of the hospital during the First World War.


Middlewood Lodge
'Middlewood Lodge' in the background. Photo taken at ground level under the ornated legs of a bench. 2011.


Excavating foundations



Some of the jobs

Cleaning ladies




Cleaning floor






Linen services




Wounded soldiers
Wounded soldiers on the grounds of the hospital, First World War.


Old gate
Remains of hospital gate 2010.


Sports and Social club
Staffs Sports and Social Club.


Kingswood Hall
'Kingswood Hall' almost converted.


Kingswood Hall
'Kingswood Hall' almost converted.


Kingswood Hall
The back of 'Kingswood Hall' during conversion.




(Please note that the next five pictures have been in the public domain before)

People at work


Scott Road Hostel


Wales Court


Hollow Meadows


The Owls




The next set of pictures are from the Middlewood Hospital collection deposited at the Sheffield Archives.


Ward kitchen
Ward kitchen, new style.


New dish washer
New dish/pot washer, main kitchen.


Hospital Kitchen
Main kitchen.


O. T.
O. T.


New staff canteen
New staff canteen.


Middlewood Hospital



Middlewood Hospital



Dining room
Patient's dining room at the converted entertainment hall.


Middlewood Hospital
Old male Ward 7 (1960).


Middlewood Hospital
Day room of female ward 18 North, previously main dining hall. (November 1960).


Middlewood Hospital
April 1963.


Middlewood Hospital
April 1963.




Hospital farm
Entrance to the former farm of the hospital

Farming was a major part of the asylum estate economy and provided food for staff and patients, as well as therapeutic activity for male patients. In 1890 the hospital committee purchased this farm with outbuildings. In those Victorian times many patients were unwilling to work and some were unable to because of their condition. Privileges were used to coax them, and their withdrawal might include depriving a man of his tobacco or enforced absence from halls, concerts and entertainments. — In 1956 the ministry of health suggested closing down the farm because they played a negligible role in the occupational therapy of patients.


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