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Photos supplied by Sheila Ibbotson who worked at the Catering Department for many years. Most photographs show staff members and give an indication of happy times at the hospital. Some of the names included on the photos supplied by Wendy Green who also worked in the department.


Catering staff
Catering staff, in 1978 approx.
(L to R) Lorna Roberts (in white), Barbara Ravenhill, Karon, Jean, Mary Wilkinson and Sheila Ibbotson.


Retirement of Ms Sharman
The retirement of Ms L. Sharman (centre), 1978 approx.


Flo and Tommy
This is the retirement of Flo Berridge (Catering Assist.) and Tommy Taylor (Head Cook) in 1981/82 approx. Ann Holland is at the back.


Catering staff
(L to R) Tommy Taylor, June Howard, Lorna Roberts, Jean Varley, Garrett Summer, Sheila Ibbotson and Flo Berridge.


Roger, Mavis, Flo & Roy
Roger Deverill (Assist. Catering Manager), Mavis (Supervisor), Flo and Roy Summers (Catering Manager) During Flo retirement's celebrations.


Catering Staff
Standing L to R.  Janet Mason (in white), Gladys Dronfield, Tommy Taylor, Elsie Bertram, Peggy Canetti, Cheryl Simcox (oriental hat), Ann Holland and Mavis Abel.
Sitting. June Howard, Lorna Roberts, Jean Varley, Garrett Summer and Sheila Ibbotson.


Christmas at the Hospital
Karon Saif and Michelle (left).  Walter Holland and Sheila Boulding (behind).


Mark Bell
Mark Bell


Ann (dancing, red hat) and the dancing couple are Janet and Shaun.




Mark Bell, Sue Bolsover, Wendy Green and Elsie Bertram (dancing).


Brenda Betts (left)
Brenda Betts (left). Betty Noble (first lady on right).


Walter Holland (right)
Walter Holland and Catering staff at Xmas.


Elsie, Jackie, Wendy & Mark
Elsie Bertram, Jackie Walton, Wendy Green and Mark Bell.


Jean (left)
Jean (first left) and friends with ward hostesses.


Catering Staff
Ann Holland, June Howard and Ann.


Xmas time at the hospital
Eilseen, Janet Mason, ??? and Karon Saif and Walter.


Dining Room
Betty Noble, Mark Bell and Brenda Betts


Carlton and Janet
Carlton Neil and Janet Mason.


Staff dancing
Staff dancing.


June and Sheila
June Howard and Sheila Ibbotson.




Mick Campbell
Mick Campbell.



Sports Day
Sports Day on the grounds of the hospital.


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