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Nurse Certificate
This is an original nurse certificate awarded to Mr Reginald Booth upon his completion of the nurse training course in 1936. 
 Certificate supplied by her granddaughter, Sharon Booth.    To see the whole document, click  here     

Seal of approval
A close look at the seal of approval stamped on the nurse certificate


Letter of 1949
This is a reply letter to Mr Reginald Booth, apparently applying for a position in the OT department 1949 
Letter supplied by her granddaughter Sharon Booth.  To read the full letter click here


Nurse Certificate 1894
This 116 years old nurse certificate was awarded to Mr Albert Edward Booth in 1894. Mr Booth worked at the hospital for over
40 years and retired as Chief Male Nurse. You can see more photographs of Mr Booth on 'Middlewood X'
Certificate supplied by her Great Granddaughter Sharon Booth.  To see the whole certificate click   here

Seal of certificate
A close look at the seal from above nurse certificate


Chief Attendants
Some of the Nurses who worked at the Asylum.




Photos showing a piece of fossil tree taken from the Middlewood hospital site.  Supplied by Sharon Booth




The hospital during redevelopment
The hospital ground during redevelopment of the site.



Paul Wood outside Mortuary
This is Paul Wood in 1976 outside the old Middlewood Mortuary Chapel

Paul by e-mail explained. "To get to the mortuary you would come up the main drive, past nurse's school, at junction turn right, follow the drive right round up past porters, staff dining room on left before you got to laundry on your right was a pull-in which was a block end that's where this was taken. The green door behind on the picture was where I would talk to relatives to show their loved ones, the chapel was very plain having three stone walls and the front wall had a velvet curtain. The altar and cross was very old but nice, to the left of the picture was an identical door where the funeral directors would reverse up to fetch the deceased. To the right on the picture was a small corridor which led to the lab and then into the mortuary"

"The Inside of the post-mortem room was very Victorian, there was a porcelain autopsy table, a small sink, an instrument cabinet. We used to do about three or four post mortems a week, most deaths were from Wharncliffe side, but we did get quite a few suicides. Then, as I still do now the deceased and relatives were treated with the up most compassion. With Middlewood being as big as it was then, like every other department it had a mortuary that was needed"

"I remember even in that job, I loved the time I spent there. If any one has anymore outside pictures of this area it would be good to see them on you site. By the way hope you can still shed some light on my very dear friends in the patient's launderette, which was to the left of the clock tower, in a small flat pre-fabricated building, where patients would be helped to do their own laundry"



Whiteley Woods
This convalescent home opened in 1901 and was built for the recovery of people of Sheffield and some surrounding areas. In 1955 it became Whiteley Woods Hospital and accommodated psychiatric patients. Close liaison was maintained with Middlewood Hospital.


Whiteley Woods
This photo was taken in early 1990's when the building was still being used for the care of mental patients.


Photo early 1990's
Another view of the building in the early 1990's.


Photo taken in 2010
This is the building in 2010. It was converted into various apartments and it is now called 'Whiteley Woods Home'.



The enclosed documents are from Mrs Evelyn Coulson whose father Mr Edward Seed worked at the hospital in the Supplies Office. Evelyn explained ‘He retired in 1967 when he was 63 years old and died April 1999 aged 94 years. His office was somewhere under the clock tower. We lived in ‘Woodland Cottage’ during the 40’s and 50’s.

Letter of 1934
This is the letter confirming Mr Seed's appointment at the hospital in 1934. The main administration office at the time was in Wakefield. To read the full letter click here


The West Riding Yorkshire Board
A closer look at the logo located on the top part of the above letter.


Stamp printed in the envelope
This is the water-stamp imprinted at the back of the envelope sent to Mr Seed confirming his new post at Middlewood Hospital.


Lancashire County Hospital
Mr Seed prior to applying to work at Middlewood, he worked at Lancashire County Mental Hospital. This is his 'Leave' confirmation note.


Store Keepers
These are some of the Store Keepers who worked at the Asylum



The Yews day hospital
The Yews Day Hospital
The growing need for more psychiatric facilities in the Sheffield area prompted the authorities to open a day hospital for patients who might otherwise have to be admitted, and in 1958 Middlewood Hospital acquired a large house for this purpose. It was situated near the hospital on Worrall Road, in quiet and pleasant surroundings. The centre was available five days a week and patients received any of the treatment procedures available in the main hospital. —
The house was originally built for the Bramall family in the 19th century.


The hospital in winter
The hospital during winter 1991.


Nurse certificate 1927
This is a Nurse certificate awarded to Arthur in 1927.  To see the full document click here


Soldiers of First World War
In 1915 mental patients were evacuated to other asylums and the hospital was adapted for military use under the name of ‘Wharncliffe War Hospital’. During this time in World War One, postcards and photos were a popular way to spread propaganda sending a message to the public that ‘all was well’ and by doing so encouraging happy times. Many photographs were taken at the hospital of wounded soldiers with smiling faces not showing the realities of the horrific life at the front.





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