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Mike Turner          Mike Turner

This is Mike Turner who trained at Middlewood from 1959 to 1962. Mike explained "My wife Margaret, who first worked at Middlewood dental department, graduated as a staff nurse in 1973. We then left to go to Canada in 1975. We now live in Edmonton Alberta Western Canada. I retired in 1995 from a small psychiatric hospital in Camrose Alberta where I was a nursing supervisor. My wife Margaret retired last year from a geriatric hospital here in Edmonton as a nurse team leader at the age of 70"


Mike Turner (Right)

Mike Turner on ward 12 at Kingswood in 1973. Mike was the Unit Charge Nurse of Kingswood (Night duty). Sister Parker (in blue) was the Sister of ward 12 (Part time nights) and the student on her night duty assignment.


Ossie Turner (Right)

This is Mike's father Mr Ossie Turner (right) in Germany in 1945. The person on the left is a sergeant. Mike explained "My Father was an Acting Regimental Sergeant Major, as the previous guy had been killed. They were assigned to arresting Nazi war criminals, and photographing them against a black background for the Nuremberg trials. My Father was in the Normandy invasion and fought at the big battles of Caen and the Falaise Gap. He then fought through France, Belgium, and Holland before entering Germany. He came back to Middlewood in 1946 to work as a Staff Nurse until he was promoted to Charge Nurse. He remained in this position until he retired. On his return from the war, it is my belief that he was suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), because he was a changed man [according to my Mother] He died in 1983 at the age of 76"


Marian Turner

This is Mike's mother Mrs Marian Turner at Middlewood hospital after she graduated as a Psychiatric Nurse in 1933. Mike explained "She worked at Middlewood hospital on & off for the rest of her life, until she retired at the age of 65. During the Second World War, Kingswood psych patients were evacuated to another psych hospital in Yorkshire and Kingswood was used as a military hospital for wounded British soldiers and also wounded German soldiers. My mother also worked there with the soldiers at this time"


Blackpool in the 1950's

Blackpool in the 1950s. Mike's Mother is on the right and his father in the middle, Aunt Ethel [Mike's father's sister] on the left. All were trained at Middlewood Hospital in the early 1930s and worked most of their lives there. Their names are from left to right Ethel Howden, retired as a Staff Nurse. Ossie Turner, retired as a Charge Nurse and Marian Turner retired as a Night Sister.


Marian Turner  Marian Turner

Marian Turner after her retirement from Middlewood Hospital. She worked all her life as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse, from 1930 until her retirement as a Sister [nights]. She died in 2005 at a nursing home near Barnsley age 95. — The picture on the right taken in 1928 shows Marian at the age of 17 just before she started training at Middlewood.


Mike's friends in 1961

This photo was taken in 1961 at the Miners Alms in Eyam Derbyshire. From left to right are, Ross Fletcher [An SRN taking his Psych training]. Glennis Peach, a Student Nurse. Peter Fletcher, a future Staff nurse at Middlewood who in later years became a Charge Nurse at Grenoside Hospital. Lady in white is Peter's friend. — Then, Mike's future wife Margaret Burger, which is an old Shetland Island name (Second from right) with Mike a student nurse at the time.


Mike Turner (Second from left at the back)

This photo is already on Middlewood 'N', It is the nursing class at Middlewood hospital,1959-1962. Mike Turner is second from the left on the back row. Mike explained "I also remember the girl on the left of the front row as being Maisie Fuller, and the girl on the left of the next to the front row is Judith Ann Tesh. On the extreme right of the photo is Mr Jeff Ball who was our Chief Tutor. I worked with a Chinese guy here in Canada who said that Jeff Ball had also been his tutor in Hong Kong, after Jeff Ball had left Middlewood Hospital". — "With regard to those pretty girls in my nursing class, it's a wonder I ever learned anything with all those distractions"


Margaret Turner (Left)

This photo was taken in 1961 when my wife Margaret Turner was a student nurse at Middlewood Hospital, said Mike. "She is on the left & does not remember the name of the nurse on the right. Margaret obtained her intermediate exam, but became pregnant with our first daughter in 1963, and had to quit her training after completing 2 years. She resumed her training in 1971, and was told by the GNC that she had to complete another 2 years before she could take her final exams. She graduated in Oct 1973"


Margaret    Margaret

This is Margaret, Mike's wife who applied to train at Middlewood in general nursing as a graduate student, but was turned down. Her interview for post graduate SRN training took place at Clarkehouse Rd, which was the headquarters for SRN application in Sheffield at that time. "The Matron turned her down because she said that she had too big a family commitment & had children" Mike explained. "So we left Middlewood to go to Canada. My wife was educated at Eckington Grammar School. On graduation she trained as a Dental Nurse & Chair Side Assistant. After working for several dental surgeons she came to Middlewood Hospital to work in the Dental Dept" — In the left photo Margaret is at the back of her office at Norwood hospital, here in Edmonton Canada, just before she retired at age 70. Margaret completed nearly 50 years service in various types of nursing, including 35 years in Canada & New Zealand.  — Right photo showing Margaret in her office at Norwood Hospital in Canada in 2009.



Grenoside Hospital.

Grenoside hospital is approximately three miles from Middlewod hospital. The main building was erected in 1850 and an annexe was added in 1896. The hospital was originally built as a Workhouse and fever hospital. In 1948 it was taken over by the Sheffield No. 2 Group and in 1956 many patients from Middlewood hospital were transferred to Grenoside Hospital. It had a bed complement of 212 beds which accommodated both male and female mentally handicapped patients.

Grenoside today

When this institution first opened in 1850 it was called Worthley Union Workhouse. At the time the inmates' beds were not clean and the Matron's explanation was that the men slept in their clothes. The wash-house was used for cooking purposes.

Grenoside today

In 1929 the Poor Law Act ended and the Workhouse close.

Grenoside today

Grenoside Hospital is currently proving mental care to elderly people and at the back of the building there are new wings and staff car park. The original front of the building was converted to provide office facilities.


Miss Hague
In summer 1969 The Matron of Grenoside Miss Hague, symbolically turning the first sod on the site for the preparation of extensive improvements.


Work at Grenoside  Work at Grenoside
Work in progress. The new units were intended to be used for conventional occupational and industrial therapy during the day, and for social and recreational activities in the evening. Also new wards were constructed


Old buildings
Old buildings, the former piggeries and stables. Before work started.


Grenoside Hall
The new general purpose hall at Grenoside in 1970


New Unit
An external view of the new unit.


Interior view of new unit
Inside the new ward unit


The following three images show Grenoside Hospital during the last major upgrade of the building in the early 1990's.
Photos supplied by Jack Ambler

Grenoside Hospital


Grenoside Hospital


Grenoside Hospital


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