Middlewood Hospital 1872-1996

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Early days at the Asylum
The Asylum in the early days.  Photo supplied by Jack Ambler


Cooking facilities at the Asylum
Cooking facilities at the Asylum.  Photo supplied by Jack Ambler


Laundry room
Laundry room.    Photo supplied by Jack Ambler


Nursing staff in 1901. Photo taken at the entrance of the Kingswood building.    Photo supplied by Jack Ambler


Hospital Hall
The entertainment Hall.   Photo supplied by Jack Ambler


Interior of the Asylum
The interior of the Asylum.    Photo supplied by Jack Ambler


Patients resting outside
Patients resting outside the ward.   Photo supplied by Jack Ambler


Main gate
Key Lodge and main gate of the Asylum.    Photo supplied by Jack Ambler


Year 1991
The hospital in 1991.    Photo supplied by Jack Ambler


Newspaper article
News about the future of the hospital site.
© Sheffield Star Newspaper


Mental illnessNewspaper article
In 1984 plans to close Middlewood Hospital were announced in the local newspaper
© Sheffield Star Newspaper.


Administration building
Administration building


Kingswood Building
Kingswood Building


Middlewood Hospital book
This is the cover of the book which was printed in 1972 to commemorate the centenary of the hospital.


Kingswood Building, in 2009.


Hospital magazine 1967
This is the back cover of the 'Contact' magazine printed in December 1967.


Middlewood in 2009
Hospital buildings in 2009.


Wharncliffe War Memorial
Wharncliffe War Memorial at Wadsley Church graveyard.


Middlewood Lodge
Middlewood Lodge in 2010.


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