Sheffield General Cemetery. Founded 1836

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The Sheffield General Cemetery is regarded as one of the most historical places in Sheffield. It contains the largest collection of listed buildings in one place. There are 10 listed monuments and buildings including three at Grade II*. Some of Sheffield's most prominent Victorians rest on this site together with 87,000 other souls. One grave houses 87 occupants.

The Cemetery is currently in a state of neglect and slow deterioration.

Stonegrave                                           Stairs



Iron railings                                        Tall monument



Gravestones                                  Large Stone grave



Carved angel face           Tomb



Cemetery Chapel           Stairs



Monument                              Large monument



Monument                               Cemetery



Gravestone                            Cemetery Chapel



Sheffield general cemetery          Sheffield general cemetery


Railings          Grave railing


Railings                              Grave railings


This cemetery has two chapels. One in Egyptian style for the non-conformist which has been closed for 30 years and it is in the need of much urgent restoration. The second building in the cemetery in even more need of care. This is the Anglican Chapel, whose striking spire is visible from the centre of Sheffield. It is currently in private hands and crumbling fast. The roof is protected only with a blue plastic sheeting and not at all water tight.

Sheffield General Cemetery: A  B


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