Sheffield General Cemetery

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As with many Victorian cemeteries, disuse brought decay. By the 1950’s Sheffield General Cemetery was very run down and neglected. Many monuments were falling into ruin, and today, this looks set to continue. After surviving land slides and World War two bombs, the cemetery is currently a haven for wildlife and nature.

Gravestone                                Gravestone



Large square monument                              Circle cross



Monument                           Monument



Railings          Top of monument



Decorative round railing         Ornamental railings



General cemetery          Railings outside Chapel



Cemetery Chapel                              Main entrance to Chapel



Chapel window                                  Monument



Monument covered in foliage                                  Tall stone



Original figure removed                                   Chapel and tree



Rusty railing

A new lease of life for the dead
People who wanted to save and take care of the cemetery came together to try and help preserve its unique treasures for the future. The Friends of the General Cemetery group was formed in 1989. The group promotes the importance of the site and its history, with talks, tours and activities, as well as protecting it. For current news and updates about this historical burial site. Please visit their website at


Sheffield General Cemetery: A  B


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