Burngreave Cemetery

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 This beautiful Victorian Cemetery is Sheffield's largest graveyard site with over 180,000 souls buried in the ground.  It was officially opened on 16th March 1861 and the first burial took place 8 days after the opening ceremony.

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The chapel on the left is consecrated to the Church of England                                                       Main entrance. The cemetery has two mortuary chapels



This is the magnificent clock tower built with a bell-turret                                                     Each Chapel had their own Minister



This is the ceiling of the chapel



Some monumental graves clearlly indicating the wealth of the dead at the time                                                  The last new grave was created in the 1960's



Burials today are very rare as they only take place on existing graves                                                There are two war memorials and a communal military grave within the cemetery



In 1900 the cemetery was extended to 9 acres



This is the grave of John Crowther, the stonemason who died in 1869                                                  There are at least 300 graves of those who died as a result of military service



The cemetery provides the largest open green space in the district                                                  Fine wrought iron ornaments still exists today



Souls of the Church of England occupied the largest area in the cemetery



In recent years unsafe stones have been laid down                                                 Religion was then of great importance



Two families united in work and marriage rest here                                                     In later years as church attendances have been diluted, there have been crossburials



The first burial in this cemetery was that of a five year old boy



In the 1980's a regretful clearance took place removing several monuments and gravestones                                                     The grassland varies erratically throughout the cemetery with many gentle slopes



Many matured trees within the cemetery provide ideal habitat for species of wild life


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