Park Hill Sheffield

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This housing complex was the most ambitious inner-city development of its time. Work commenced in 1957
and it was completed in 1961. These apartment blocks resemble fragmented polygons and are linked
by high foot-bridges wide enough to carry milk floats. Each flat opens onto a wide deck which enhance the
image of 'streets in the sky'.

The following images were taken between June & September 2007.


This view from South Street                              Image taken during the June floods

A mammoth project to transform these
dilapidated structures is currently in progress by the developers pledging to ' put love back' into 'ugly' Park Hill.



These linked bridges are at least 10 feet wide                              Over the years the Estate has been home to four pubs




The tallest block has 13 storeys                                 The complex alone covers 17 acres




These footbridges are wide enough to carry a milk float                     The wide decks provide easy access to all communal areas                   The Park Hill complex had 31 shops




The design of Park Hill began in 1954                             Each deck provides as much sun light as possible




Emergency stairs situated at the end of each block                          Each deck took the name of an existing street




These walk ways were at least 10ft wide                            The original Estate contained around 1000 flats




Thirteen  8-person lifts served the complex                   It had 3 massive goods lifts which in time proved inadequate                   Facilities within the complex included a small shopping centre




Other facilities included a laundry, police station, and four pubs                        A nursery school was eventually built together with playgrounds




The consultation,  design, and slum clearance took  approx. four years to complete                       Park Hill was the first completed post-war slum clearance scheme of an entire community in Britain




Over the years the estate has been home to 74 garages and a primary school                         Other facilities included a doctor's surgery and pharmacy




Image taken during the Sheffield floods in June 2007                   This is the central heating system which provided  warmth to the entire complex                 Park Hill is situated at the edge of Sheffield City Centre




These  wide walk ways caught the public imagination more than any other detail                                  The complex provides a striking backdrop to Sheffield City Centre




In 1998 Park Hill was listed as Grade II by the department of Media, Culture and Sport                            Another image taken during the Sheffield floods in June 2007




The Scottish Queen pub                              Park Hill was identified as a building of 'outstanding' interest




Park Hill was operated, managed and serviced by the Sheffield City Council                          The new developers pledge to retain most of the original names




Under the current redevelopment progamme the entire gut will be rebuilt from inside out                          Major work will be the restoration of the corroded concrete




The upgrading of the infrastructure will give Park Hill a complete new face                     The new developers will move on site to begin the £146 million regeneration project




The new Park Hill will incorporate restaurants and shops                      The upgrading project will eventually provide 900 homes for sale, rent, and will include affordable housing




A huge new entrance to the complex will be built, called THE CULT which will be four floors high


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