Luis Arroyo photography

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(S5 A)    Image taken near the Lady Bower reservoir                                       (S5 B)  The constructuion of the Lady Bower reservoir began in 1935



(S5 C)     Dead tree truncks near Lady Bower                               (S5 D)     'Lone Gate'  Lady Bower reservoir



(S5 E)     Dead tree Lady Bower reservoir



(S5 F)     Dry summer. Normally this part of the reservoir is several feet under water                              (S5 G)    Damaged fencing near Lady Bower reservoir



(S5 H)    Lady Bower reservoir                                 (S5 J)    Cooling Towers at Tinsley Viaduct



(S5 K)    Old flood lights. Sheffield United Football Ground                          (S5  L)    This is the huge drop forge frame which once beat vital components for use in war and peace



(S5 M)     Rock situated on the outskirts of Sheffield. On the road to Bakewell



(S5 N)    Derelic warehouse on Worksop Road. Attercliffe                            (S5 O)    Sheffield City Centre. Pinfold Street



(S5 P)     The Anglian Chapel of the General Cemetery. Initially opened for the non-conformists in 1850



(S5 Q)   King Edward School. Built between 1837-40. It was an exceptionally ambitious piece of school design at the time.



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