Kettlebridge School

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Please note that the original name given to this school in 1904 was 'Hammerton Street School'. In 1926 the name of the street was changed to Ouseburn Croft. Since then, it became know as 'Kettlebridge School' after a local blacksmith called John Kettle whose workshops repaired tools for men building the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire railway line.

Hammerton School. 1904

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The Kettlebridge School is a truely magnificent building which was closed in July 1994 and was left to decay for a considerable time. Its unique nouveau art features makes this building the only one still standing today in the Sheffield area. It is currently in the hands of the Madni Trust which hopefully will bring it back to its former glory. All images taken during summer 2008.

This is Kettlebridge school             Boys entrance



Main entrance to school                                     Front of building



No traffic                                        Solid wrought iron water guttering



Door leading to the main hall of the school                                      Paint pealing off the ceiling in the toilet area



Wall and radiator                                        Stairs leading to what was the library of the school



Burnt wall cupboard                   Radiator



Chair                 Cupboard



Stairs to headmaster's office              The toilet area of the school



Pool table                Chair



Beautifully carved wall panels                                  Chair



Entrance to the hall area of the school                          Rusty radiator

Kettlebridge School is a Grade II listed building. Many thanks to the Madni Trust for allowing access to this historic place.


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