The Rotherham floods


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Ickles Roundabout                                  Toyota car dealer
Centenary Way at Ickles Roundabout .  —   Photos: Peter Mitchell




Flooded garden                                High Street. Whiston
Flooded garden and High Street in Whiston.    Photos: Haydn Green




Canal near Holmes. Rotherham                               Bridgegate. Rotherham
Canal near Holmes and Bridgegate in Rotherham.    Photos: Kerry




Pleasley Road. Whiston
Pleasley Road. Whiston    Photo: Haydn Green




Rotherham Road Bridge. Parkgate                               Tesco supermarket
Rotherham Rd Bridge in Parkgate. — Tesco supermarket in Central Rotherham.   Photos: Kerry




Chantry Bridge. Rotherham                                  Railings just outside Rotherham Magistrate Law Court
Chantry Bridge and railings outside Rotherham Magistrate Law Court.    Photos: Kerry




This is the Grafton Bridge on St Anns Road                               Aldwarke Lane. Parkgate
Grafton Bridge at St Anns Road, Parkgate.   —   Aldwarke Road, Parkgate.   Photos: Kerry




Car dealer next to river Don at Ickles.                                   Railway bridge at Parkgate
Car dealer next to River Don. Ickles.    —   Railway bridge at Parkgate.     Photos: Kerry




Aldwarke Road. Parkgate
Aldwarke Road. Parkgate.   Photo: Kay Skelton




Uprooted Tree next to river Don, Eastwood                              Flooded St Anns Road
Uprooted Tree, Eastwood.   —    St Anns Road.     Photos: Chris Bilton




Debris on the Bailey Bridge, Eastwood.                            St Anns Road. Eastwood
Debris on the Bailey Bridge, Eastwood.   —   St Anns Road, Eastwood.     Photos: Chris Bilton




Eldon Road playing fields. Eastwood                        River Don near St Anns Road
Eldon Rd playing fields, Eastwood.    —    River Don near St Anns Road.    Photos: Chris Bilton




Corner of Frederick St & Bridgegate. Rotherham                         Rainbow over the Rotherham sky
Corner of Frederick St & Bridgegate. Rotherham.    —    Rainbow.     Photos: Chris Bilton




Boat at Eldon Road Playing fields, Eastwood                           Sank boat at Eastwood Lock
Boat on dry land. Eastwood.   —    Sank boat, Eastwood Lock complex.   Photos: Jud Lumb




River Don and Bailey House in the background                              Bailey House
River Don and Bailey House, Rotherham.    Photos: Chris Bilton




Bailey Bridge
The Bailey Bridge over the river Don.
(Located between Eastwood and Parkgate Retail Park)

Photo: Chris Bilton




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