The Rotherham floods


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River Don hitting the Bailey Bridge. Eastwood                    Stranded boat resting on the Bailey Bridge, Eastwood
Bailey Bridge and the Stranded boat. Eastwood.   Photos: Chris Bilton




Treeton Lane                          Mill Lane, Treeton
Treeton Lane, Catcliffe.   —   Mill Lane, Treeton.    Photos: Ian Bickle




Debris on the Chantry Bridge                           Flooded Bridgegate. Town Centre
Debris next to Chantry Bridge and flooded Bridgegate. Town Centre.  
  Photos: Chris Bilton




Treeton Lane
Treeton lane.   Photo: Ian Bickle




Boat sank in canal, Eastwood Lock                           Eldon Road playing fields
Roof of boat sank in canal, Eastwood Lock.   —   Eldon Road Playing fields, Eastwood.
  Photos: Jud Lumb




The stranded boat again on the Bailey bridge. Eastwood                           River Don near Ashley Industrial Estate
The Stranded boat again, Eastwood.   —   Looking into Ashley Ind. Estate.   Photos: Chris Bilton




Looking at Bailey Bridge                              Rawmarsh Road
Pathway into the Bailey Bridge.  —   Rawmarsh Road.   Photos: Chris Bilton




Chantry Bridge. Town Centre                                 This is the grand-daughter of Chris Bilton jumping on the flooded street of Rotherham near St Anns Roundabout
Chantry Bridge.Town Centre.     —     Girl jumping on flooded pavement. Near St Anns Roundabout.   
Photos: Chris Bilton




Corporation Street. Town Centre                         River Don  and Centenary Way Bridge
Corporation Street. Town Centre.   —   River Don behind Rotherham Interchange.
Photos: Chris Bilton




Cinder Bridge Road. Greasbrough
Cinder Bridge Road, Greasbrough.    Photo: Kerry




The Nellie Dene Pub next to the Chantry Bridge                            Bottom of St Anns Road
The Nellie Dene Pub next to Chantry Bridge. Town Centre.   —   Bottom of St Anns Road. Eastwood.
Photos: Chris Bilton




Meadowhall Road                           Meadowhall Road
Meadowhall Road next to Meadowhall Interchange.    Photos: Mark Thain




Barrow Road
Barrow Road near Meadowhall.   Photo: Mark Thain





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