The Rotherham floods


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Meadowhall Road next to river Don                            River Don
Meadowhall Road and river Don next to Meadowhall Interchange.
Photos: Mark Thain



River Don
River Don next to Meadowhall Road.   Photo: Mark Thain




House in Wath                       Building near Wath Rugby Club
Houses around Wath Rugby Club.     Photos: William Marshall




House near Wath Rugby Club
Flooded House near Wath Rugby Club.      Photo: William Marshall




Grey's Bridge             Grey's Bridge from pit heap
The Grey's Bridge near Leisure Centre in Denaby.  
    Photos: Pete Day




Bambury Bridge                                   Doncaster Road at the Empire point. Denaby
Looking into Mexborough from Bambury Bridge and  Doncaster Road in Denaby.
Photos: Pete Day




Flooded railway tracks. Old Denaby area
Looking into The Old Denaby from Bambury Bridge. Denaby
Photo: Pete Day




Enjoying the view of the River Don         The flooded landscape in the Denaby area
The flooded River Don in Denaby.        Photos: Pete day




Low Road in Conisbrough
Low Road in Conisbrough.   Photo: Pete Day




Flooded caravan site in Mexborough
Looking into Mexborough from pit heap.    Photo: Pete Day




The local pub in Sprotbrough                Flooded Doncaster Road in Denaby
The 'Boat Inn' Sprotbrough.      Doncaster Road in Denaby.
Photos: Peter Day




Pastures Road          Flooded roadworks in Pastures Road
Pastures Road. Denaby.     Photos: Pete Day




Grey's Bridge
The Grey's Bridge. Denaby    Photo: Pete Day




Charles Thompson's Yard                     Hooton Road. Kilnhurst
Charles Thompsons Yard next to Hooton Road. Kilnhurst
Photos: Jean Hargreaves




Wharf Rd next to canal. Kilhurst                       Charles Thompson's yard. Kilhurst
Wharf Road next to canal. Kilnhurst.               Charles Thompson's yard. Kilnhurst
Photos: Jean Hargreaves




Canal. Kilnhurst                      Hooton Road. Kilnhurst
Flooded Canal and Hooton Road. Kilnhurst.
Photos: Jean Hargreaves    




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