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Hello  and thank you for visiting my galleries. My photographs are perfect examples of what can be achieved when you really get to know the location well. Photography has been like a 'bug' in my system for well over 30 years now.

I am originally from Chile in South America. Due to a brutal and bloody dictator called general Pinochet, we had no option but to escape from this evil animal. My-self, brothers, sister and parents, and many other Chileans in the same situation had to run from torture, political imprisonment, disappearance and many other human rights abuses. — In exile, we are the lucky ones, I will never forget those who were left behind.

Since  late 70's Rotherham has become my adopted home — Most of my photographs are from the local area and so I have named my web site This will be my vehicle to promote my work.

It  is difficult for me to explain what triggered my interest in photography but whatever it was, it was gradual and not planned at all.— I am not a full time photographer by any means. My main job as a mental health worker sometimes results in photography becoming an occasional occupation.

Most  of my photographs cover the local area, which often means I can easily return to the same spot time after time. –— Why do I shoot in black and white? I guess I prefer the effect of it, the minimised distraction, and the simplicity of the image coupled with the 'bug' that keeps my inspirations going. But what is important is that you like my photographs.

My images on this site were taken using the Canon A-1 and Canon AT-1 cameras (both cameras over 20 years old), these items shared the Sirius 18mm-28mm wide angle lens. I also have a Canon 70-210mm lens but this little beast is hardly used in my outings.

All my photographs on the galleries are primarily intended to show and promote my work.


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Rotherham, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom 

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