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(3A)   ST JAMES CHURCH some parts of this old church date back to the 11th century                   (3B)   This is now a restaurant but previously it was Rotherham's main railway station. Opened in 1840.





 (3C)   CONISBROUGH CASTLE. By the mid 16th century the castle was semi-derelict                     (3D)   The 'Twin Towers' next to the TINSLEY VIADUCT




(3F)   This building was erected in 1907, currently used as a public house                     (3G)   KIMBERWORTH MANOR. Some parts of this very old building date back to 1694




(3H)   This is the interior of WENTWORTH MAUSOLEUM                        (3J)   ROTHERHAM TOWN HALL in a cold winter night                        (3K)   KEPPEL'S COLUMN is 115ft tall. Due to its fragile condition, sadly it is not possible to climb to the top. Built between 1773-1781




(3L)   ULLEY COUNTRY PARK                     (3M)   War memorial next to Conisbrough Castle




(3N)   The graveyard of ST JAMES church in Anston                    (3P)   ROCHE ABBEY's gatehouse, providing controlled access to the site as seclusion was essential to life in a monastery                    (3Q)   CLIFTON PARK fountain




(3R)   CLIFTON PARK MUSEUM was built in 1782's but open as the town museum since 1893                     (3S)   HOLY TRINITY  CHURCH. Wentworth




(3T)   ROTHERHAM BRIDGE. Above this bridge there is an ancient Chapel                     (3V)   Cable cartliges




(3W)   The final days of my residential  DALTON                     (3Y)   Boy with circle


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