Masbrough Cemetery

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Masbrough Cemetery is situated on Psalter Lane in the Kimberworth area of Rotherham. It was opened in 1871 and includes two mortuary chapels and a Sexton House. The chapel on my pictures are of the Church of England religion and not normally opened to the public.


This Chapel was originally used by people belonging to the Church of England religion                Chapel and gravestones



Main entrance to the chapel                                                 This is the impressive ornamental tower of the chapel



The Chapel have been closed to the public for many years now                                               Some walls of the Chapel are completely damaged by damp



Chapel                                                The strong wooden door of the chapel



This is the wall of the chapel                    The pews of the chapel covered in wallplaster



Water guttering figure               The front of the Chapel


The cemetery

Masbrough Cemetery                                   Little boy looking down



White stone                               The Ann Elizabeth's grave



Wrought iron railings                              Due to dangerous inclination, some unsafed gravestones have been laid down



The top of a gravestone


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