The Walker Mausoleum

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This is Rotherham's most neglected historical site. It was built by the powerful Walker family in the 18th century. In common with other philanthropists of the time. This family built houses, a school and a chapel for his workpeople. Their iron and foundry enterprises were responsible for transforming Rotherham from a town into a major industrial area.

This burial site is little known to the majority of Rotherham's population.
Currently in a state of complete neglect.

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Many of our most influential old industrialists that helped our town rest here                                     The entire site is exposed to vandalism and regular fly-tipping



This burial ground is situated within walking distance from the Town Centre                                    There is plenty of overgrown Ivys which in some cases has permanently damaged some of the graves



No proper clearing has been done for well over a decade                                   Fine iron railings still remain



The site is a designated public open space located in a very obscured area not normally seen from the public highway                  Most gravestones are damaged and  will required dedicated work if restored



Mr Walker and brothers were very influential people in the Town                  The Walker family and their iron and steel works became leading  enterprises in the area 



This burial site thought to be the only English non-conformist place of worship                When the Walkers arrived, Masbrough was a quiet rural area



When the Walkers left the area in around 1833, Masbrough had become an industrial place                                     In 1841 a local boat disaster drowned 50 men and children. They rest in this burial site now



Some parts on this burial ground appear to be completely  damaged                               The arrival of the navigation canal persuaded Samuel Walker to move from Grenoside to Rotherham



Snake and Dove engraved at the top of the Mausoleum                      Grave inscription



Samuel Walker               Broken stone



This grave has been opened by vandals                  The inside of a grave



Rotted fine railings                        Iron rail



This is a rear view of the Mausoleum


Current information regarding the future and history of this burial site.
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