Rotherham Now & Then

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Photos of old Rotherham showing first, new photos second, taken in 2011

Photo 1981 C. L.

Star Inn, Woodstock Bower and the construction of Bus Depot in 1981.
Today, the structure in grey with red borders is a garage.

Today 2011




Albert Street, Masbrough. 1979 C. L.

Albert Street, Masbrough. 1979

Albert Street today




Tivoli in 1988 C. L.

The demolition of the 'Tivoli' in 1988, Masbrough.
Today the same site currently a car park.

Car park




Construction of Centenary Way C. L.

The construction of Centenary Way above Brinsworth Street in 1975.

The by-pass completed. Photo 2011




Sheffield Road in 1978 C. L.

Don Forge on the left, Sheffield Road, 1978.

Sheffield Road today




Westgate in 1986 C. L.

Shops on Westgate in 1986.

Westgate today




Old tunnels C. L.

The old tunnels of the former abattoir in 1983. Rotherham town centre.

Car park today




Forge Island in 1984 C. L.

Forge Island and the construction of Hillard's Supermarket in 1984.
The building in red brick is Rotherham main police station.

Forge Island today




Henry Street in 1988 C. L.

Henry Street from Rotherham outdoor market in 1988.

Henry Street today




Effingham Street in 1987 C. L.

Effingham Street in 1987.

Effingham Street today




Greasbrough Road in 1978 C. L.

St Michael's Church, Greasbrough Road in 1978.

Greasbrough Road today




College Road in 1978 C. L.

'College Road Post Office' (right), College Road, Masbrough, 1978.

College Road today




Ferham School in 2004 Brian Allott

Ferham School in 2004.
Today the ground of the former school is currently an empty piece land.

Empty land




Holmes Hotel C. L.

Holmes Hotel, Psalters Lane, Holmes. 1980.
Today the former hotel is offices to a private firm.

Psalters Lane today




St Leonards Road C. L.

St Leonard's Road, Eastwood, in 1970.

St Leonards Road today


Photos showing old Rotherham by Rotherham Family History Society


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