Rotherham now & then
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Photos of old Rotherham showing first, new photos second, taken in 2010.

Clifton Park Entrance

Clifton Park Entrance and war memorial. Rotherham.

Clifton Park Main Gate




Scholes Village in 1970 C. L.

Scholes Village. Photo 1970.

Scholes Village today




Alma Road in 1960 C. L.

Alma Road and Workhouse (left) 1960.
The Rotherham workhouse close in 1902 and began to take hospital status.

Alma Road today




The Clifton Hotel in 1968 C. L.

Badsley Moor Lane, Clifton Lane.  Photo 1968.

Still a public house today




Eastwood Lane in 1972 C. L.

Eastwood Lane in 1972.

Eastwood Lane today




All Saints Square

All Saints Square.

All Saints Square today




The Town Hall building

The Town Hall and Borough Courts were some of the offices that once occupied this building.
It is now mainly a shopping arcade.

The building today




Howard Street

Howard Street. This cross- road is now for pedestrians.

Howard Street




Howard Street in 1960 C. L.

Howard Street in 1960. The buildings on the right were demolished to build Rotherham indoor market.

Howard Street today




High Street C. L.

High Street in 1920.

High Street




Doncaster Gate in 1963 C. L.

Doncaster Gate in 1963.
Today the new building in the corner was for a long time a furniture department,
it is now a snooker place and it is part vacant.

Doncaster Gate today




Thornhill Tavern in 1964 C. L.

Thornhill Tavern at corner of Arthur Street & Hope Street in 1964.
It is now occupied by a private company.

Thornhill Tavern today




Ferham Road in 1980 C. L.

Ferham Road and on the right is Kimberworth Road in 1980.

Ferham Road in 2010




Queen's Hotel in 1964    Queen's Hotel today

Queen's Hotel in Masbrough Street in 1964.




Market Street in 1961 C. L.

Market Street in 1961, Town Centre.

Market Street today




Norfolk Street in 1966 C. L.

Norfolk Street in 1966, town centre.
The new building on the left is now an office block and on the right Rotherham main Library.

Norfork Street in 1966




Corporation Street in 1962 C. L.

Corporation Street in 1962.

Corporation Street today




Bridge Inn c1960 G. B.

Bridge Inn c1960.

Bridge Inn in 2010




Kenneth Street in 1962 C. L.

Kenneth Street meeting Frederick Street in 1962.
Due to the extensive redevelopment of the area the new photo was taken from an approximate location.

Kenneth Street today




Scholes Village in 1970 C. L.

Scholes Village in 1970.

Scholes Village today


Pictures showing old Rotherham by Rotherham Family History Society


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