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Welcome to Rotherham now & then. A photographic project showing the contract between the past and now in our local area. Once a building has gone, it is no longer with us. I hope that this visual project in some ways may demonstrate those historical and architectural changes through the passing of the years.


Rotherham Now & Then

All photographs showing old Rotherham displayed in this project belong to Rotherham Family History Society who has a unique collection of photographs showing our past.

The Rotherham Family History Society has many thousands of photographs of places in and around Rotherham and prints of all of these can be purchased by visiting their website at Many of their photographs were taken from the 1950’s onwards by local photographers George Bentley and Colin Leonard, however, they do have many more older images.


George Bentley Colin Leonard  
Rotherham Now & Then    

If you are looking for photographs of long gone streets, houses or business premises where you, your parents, family or ancestors lived, worked and played, then visit

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England



All photos used in this site showing old Rotherham by 'Rotherham Family History Society'