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(1A)   This bandstand is a distinctive feature of CLIFTON PARK. erected in 1928                     (1B)   IMPERIAL ARCADE erected in 1907 to replace the old indoor Rotherham markets





(1C)   ULLEY COUNTRY PARK. This reservoir was built in 1874 to provide drinking water for the people of Rotherham                     (1D)   MANVERS LAKE with sculpture called 'Dinosaur Sketeton' by Tracey Hayes





(1E)   The ruins of ROCHE ABBEY Monastery. Dissolved in 1538 by order of the Crown                    (1F)   ST MARY MAGDALENE CHURCH situated in the Whiston area of Rotherham





 (1G)   BOSTON CASTLE was built as a hunting lodge around 1775                    (1H)   MANVERS LAKE in the Wath area of Rotherham





(1J)   ROTHER VALLEY PARK has the largest water facilities in the Rotherham area                     (1K)   NEEDLE'S EYE. This folly is 45ft tall and built in 1780. Its origins still baffle historians





(1L)   BANDSTAND situated within the grounds of Clifton Park                     (1M)   This is just a simple padlock perhaps securing someone's fortune 





(1N)   CHAPEL ON THE BRIDGE        (1P)   WENTWORTH MAUSOLEUM. Erected in 1788, not strictly a mausoleum at all since the body it commemorates lies in York Minster          (1Q)   Rotherham Minster


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