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The 'All Saints' Building'.
Built in 1939 and demolished in March 2009

Work on this building started in 1939 but was interrupted by the war. In 1959 (20 years after) the second half was completed.

Ratcliffe Stationary. Once a prominent family  business           This side of the building facing the 'All Saints Square'

In the early years it housed offices of the local authority such as the Magistrates Clerk's office,
the Children's Welfare and Housing Department.



Second main entrance to the building                    Prior to moving most retailers indicating their new address



View from Corporation Street


All Saints building           Craftons. Bakery shop

Street sign           A family run taylor shop


This cafe shop now completely empty            Most shops now in a state of dereliction


Most internal images taken when the building was completely vacant and in a state of dereliction


The last retailer here selling designer clothes            This coffee shop still displaying its last menu on the board




Fire exit                                 Merrill's coffee shop




Spiral stairway                    A close-up of the stairway




Upstairs corridor leading to various offices                       The forgotten pick up trolley




Toilet facilities which served the offices in the upper part of the building            This is the largest roon in the building. Now completely vacant




Redundant fire extinguishers            This is the beautiful spiral stairway leading all the way to the top of the building




This is the circular top landing of the building




Most offices now in a state of dereliction           This is the rear service area of the building




This is the massive boiler which once generated heat to most of the upper part of the building           The hight of this boiler is at least 5 feet tall

Many Thanks to Clark Herron from the Rotherham Investment & Development Office
for arranging access to the building.


Demolition March 2009



Ratcliffe's of Rotherham


All Saints building...nearly gone


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