Hepworth Hall

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Just outside the Rotherham border in the Denaby area of Doncaster this Wesleyan Chapel was built in 1891. Sadly the hall was granted planning permission for demolition. This magnificent building was empty for a considerable time, the result was misery for nearby residents, litter, fly-tipping and repeated arson attacks. It was once a prominent landmark in the area.

The hall was built to commemorate the founder of the Methodist church John Wesley, who was born in the town of Epworth. However when the hall's nameplate was made it was misspelt as "Hepworth", and so the sign stood, until its demolition.

The hall was finally demolished in January 2009.


Main entrance to the building



Front of the Chapel                                            Broken window



The side of the building                                                 Front of the chapel



The grand stage



Window                                                     Door



Fire place                                                     Corridor






Rear window                                                        Door to toilets






The ruins of Hepworth Hall      A pile of rubble now

All Gone now... January 2009

Rossington Street



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