Luis Arroyo photography

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(4A)   THORPE SALVIN HALL. Built in the 1570's. Sufficient is left of the frontage to make an  impressive sight                     (4B)   WATERLOO KILN  built for the pottery industry. Closed in 1842




 (4C)   Black horse on the grounds of ROCHE ABBEY                     (4D)   White Swam at ROTHER VALLEY PARK  




(4E)   MASBROUGH CEMETERY                     (4F)   CONISBROUGH VIADUCT. This Bridge is 528 yards long and built between 1907-08  




 (4G)   TINSLEY VIADUCT. The M1 double decker bridge                     (4H)   Another ROCHE ABBEY image. I took this one on a very wet rainy day




 (4L)   ST MARGARET CHURCH built in 1816. Situated in the Swinton area of Rotherham                     (4M)   ST MARY MAGDALENE Church. Whiston   




 (4N)   KEPPEL'S COLUMN at Thorpe Hesley                     (4P)   Rotherham's first purpose built bank standing  since the 1890's




(4Q)   Weir on the RIVER DON. Central Rotherham                     (4R)   Figure situated in  Walkworth Woods, between  Kimberworth and  Blackburn.  




(4S)   This massive crane parked on what used to be the Silverwood coal mine.Thrybergh                     (4T)   ROTHER VALLEY PARK



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