The Guest & Chrime building. Rotherham
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This is the historic Guest & Chrime building which opened in 1857 and it is an important representation of Rotherham's industrial strength in the 19th century. The building was a major place for the manufacturer of commodities made from brass and iron fittings for the use of steam and water industries. The company enjoyed rapid expansion following the invention by Edward Chrime of the 'High pressure loose valve screw-down cock' the fore runner of the modern domestic water tap.

The factory is a beautiful listed building which closed in 1999 and it is currently in a state of fast deterioration.

Front view of building taken from across the river Don

Secondary entance to the Guest and Chrime building              Workshop room

A listed building is one that has been judged to be of special architectural or historical interest by the Environment Department. The Guest & Chrime building includes Foundry offices and workshops, three elongated wings at the rear and a rectangular water tower.

Listed buildings are protected by Law against demolition without consent, and against alteration without permission.

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