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Tinsley Cooling Towers

Love them of loathe them but they were part of the area that the vast majority of local folks grew up in. After 70 years of representing South Yorkshire's industrial strength. These iconic monuments were finally demolished in August 2008.


Reflections                     Towers



The base of the towers

Built in 1938 these two hyperbolic cooling towers were just one component of the extensive complex at Blackburn Meadows which generated electricity by using steam turbines to turn electricity generators on. The coal needed to fire up the boilers came by train.


The towers were very closed to the bridge                  Towers



View from the Viaduct

All the pipes in the towers have been stripped, leaving very little indication of how they actually functioned. The plant was closed in 1970's and every other structure was demolished from the site. The 'twin towers' were reprieved for safety reasons because they were to close to the busy viaduct.


Tinsley towers



Under the Viaduct



Debris and Viaduct    A view from the Viaduct

The great height of the towers was visible for miles. Driving on the viaduct gave the locals a sign they were back home.


Part of the tower still visible after the great demolition




These towers were just 12 meters away from the motorway. Thousands of people signed a petition to save the iconic structures. It was estimated that around 10,000 people gathered to watch the dramatic demolition in the early hours of the morning.


The base of one tower



Demolished towers

A £ 60 million biomass heating plant is proposed to be built on the the meantime E.ON the owners of the site have pledged £ 50,000 for a piece of art erected within the site.


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