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Oak Hill Flats, Eastwood, Rotherham.
1972 - 1998

When first erected this deck-system housing complex incorporated around 607 dwellings and more than 1900 people lived there.
In 1998 most of the estate was demolished.

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8A)    Oakhill provided 147 integral garages and 233 parking spaces




(8B)    The complex was a combination of flats and maisonettes covering 17 acres of land                                                           (8C)    The buildings height vary between three and six storeys




(8D)    Oakhill was situated between Doncaster Road and Fitzwilliam Road in Eastwood. Rotherham





(8E)    Walk-ways were given names associated with Oak trees





(8F)    All building blocks were linked by elevated pedestrian deckways                                                                  (8G)    Construction was traditional ie, concrete, bricks, deck slabs, stud partitions, single glazing etc.


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(8H)    Oakhill included its own community centre and a church            (8J)    Addditional facilities included a estate office, launderette and a few shops





(8K)    The original cost to construct Oakhill was around 2.3 millions of pounds





(8L)    Some of the anti social problems within the complex included fires being started deliberately in rubbish shuttes



In April 1998 most of the complex was demolished.


(8M)    Demolishing most of the complex began in April 1998                 (8N)    Only 57 of the existing 607 flats still remain today




(8P)    Around 12 million pounds was provided to re-developed the new complex                  (8Q)    Towards the end some residents lived in fear of bad antisocial behaviour



Oak Hill Today


(8R)     Springwell Gardens Community Centre                  (8S)     Eastwood View Church





(S8)    The front view of the above buildings




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