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Moorgate Cemetery & Chapel: a   b

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This cemetery was the last resting place of many of Rotherham's prominent Victorians.
The first burial took place in 1841


(5A)    The ceiling of Rotherham Minster
This is the ceiling of Rotherham Minster. Many cadavers came here before their
final journey into the deep grounds of Moorgate Cemetery.




(5B)    This is the main entrance to this 167 year old Cemetery                               (5C)   Many parts of the cemetery have been subjected to years of neglect and vandalism




(5D)    Many graves are overgrown by Ivy and displaced trees




(5E)    Some graves have monumental ornaments which are still standing today                                      (5F)    The magnificent wrought iron main gates




(5G)    Unfortunately due to the poor maintenance of the site. It has been necessary to lay down some unsafe headstones




(5H)    The original ground was enclosed by a wall which has several obelisks mounted on it                                 (5J)    This neglected cemetery does not have a conservation plan and suffers from continual deterioration




(5K)    Mature trees growing on inappropriate places indicates the extent of neglect of this beautiful cemetery




(5L)    Most graves are beautifully carved and have extended inscriptions                                      (5M)    These are the small windows of the Cemetery Chapel which are completely broken




(5N)    This photograph taken in infrared




(5P)    Some parts of this old cemetery are still use today for burials                               (5Q)   Some gravestone decorations are broken and deteriorating fast




(5R)    Many gravestones still  have their wrought iron ornaments




(5S)    The monumental size of some graves clearly reflects the wealth of the family




These are local scenes not far from Moorgate Cemetery



(5T)   Thomas Rotherham College. Erected in 1876                                   (5U)   The abandoned Boston Castle. Originally a hunting lodge back in 1775




(5V)    Clanklow Woods




(5W)    Boston Castle                              (5X)    This is the realocated door from the College of Jesus which was eventually demolished




(5Y)    Clanklow Woods


Moorgate Cemetery & Chapel: a  b


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