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Moorgate Cemetery & Chapel:  a  b
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The Chapel of Moorgate Cemetery is neither a listed nor a consecrated building. It is currently close to the general public and has been neglected for a considerable time. This is a magnificent building deteriorating fast, at present there are no immediate plans to prevent it from decaying away.


The Chapel is situated on a gentle slope within the cemetery                                        Most windows of the Chapel are completely  broken



There are two entrances to this derelic building          For a long time nothing has been done to repair the windows



The interior was divided by a partition to enabled use by Anglians and Nonconformists                                           The Anglians use the rear door



Very little of the original furniture remains                                            Some pews were engraved differently to the Anglians



The main structure remains solid but extensive work will be needed to bring it to an acceptable level of use                                           On some parts of the building damp is destroying the original surface plaster



Despite the neglect, the pews of the Chapel appear to be in good condition               This Chapel is not a listed building



Urgent work is needed to stop  further deterioration on this non consecrated Chapel             Rain water clearly penetrates the ceiling of this building



Front entrance to the Chapel                                     This is the rear entrance to the Chapel



Most windows of the Chapel are very tall and long


The cemetery

Some gravestones are surrounded by fine iron railings                                  Some monumental graves clearly reflects the wealth of the family



Most fine iron railings are in a poor state of repair                          This grave made in black Marble



This is one of the tallest monuments in the cemetery                         Some mature trees now support much of the wild life in the cemetery



Some of the graves are impossible to move without the use of heavy lifting gear              Nature slowly taking over this grave



Some basic maintenance is sometimes carried out by volunteers



This is one of the beautiful gothic lodges at the entrance of the cemetery. Currently in private hands

Moorgate Cemetery: a  b


For comprehensive information about the history of this beautiful Victorian cemetery.
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