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(D3 A)    Some parts of this beautiful church date back to 1176. Sprotbrough is situated about three miles of Doncaster

Saint Mary's Church in Sprotbrough



(D3 B)   The core of the Nave was built in about 1170 but later the old Chancel was replaced for a larger and more elaborate one

The Nave and a view of the Chancel



  (D3 C)    The Nave was later extended with additional side aisle. Some interior monuments are of this period.

The arches with its beautiful wooden ceiling



(D3 D)   River Don weir in Sprotbrough                   (D3 E)    River Don next to Sprotbrough Bridge

  River Don weir. Sprotbrough                          River Don. Sprotbrough Bridge



(D3 F)    This fishing spot on the river Don. Sprotbrough

Fishing Spot. Sprotbrough



(D3 G)    River Don weir. Sprotbrough

Weir at river Don. Sprotbrough




The End of Rossington Colliery. 1912 to 2006


The following images were taken during demoltion in April 2007


(D3 H)    In the final two years Rossington Colliery lost millions of pounds after being beset by geological problems



The demolition of this coal mine brings an end to 150 years of mining in the borough —



(D3 J)   This is the main entrance to the site               (D3 K)    There are still vast reserves of coal left at time of closure



— Some miners often worked in geological conditions more difficult than elsewhere —



(D3 L)    The main lift-tower about to be demolished                              (D3 M)    The last owner of Rossington Colliery was UK Coal



— During closure equipment worth millions in pounds was re-allocated to Kellingley Colliery near Pontefract —



(D3 N)   Final pit ceases production and prepares to its mothball after 94 years in operation


— In March 2006. The evening shift was the last to dig coal ending this 94-year old mine —







(D3 O)    St Peter's Church served as a Minster to other churches from Harthill to Goole                  (D3 P)    Main entrance. This Church is the oldest building in South Yorkshire

St Peters Church in Conisbrough. Built in Saxon Times



(D3 U)   Conisbrough Castle was semi-derelic in the 16th century

This is the majestic Conisbrough Castle. Built 1170's


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