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Hyde Park estate. Doncaster

The following images were taken between March-April 2007.

(D1 A)    North Street. Hyde Park. Doncaster

North Street. About to be demolished. March 2007


Some of the reasons to demolish the Hyde Park estate includes:
Poorly maintained properties and ill-lit rear alleyways.
The area split by a major highway.
Falling high prices.
General lack of environmental management.
Problems with inappropriate tenancies.


(D1 B)    Hype Park estate. Doncaster                                        (D1 C)    Hype Park estate. Doncaster




(D1 D)    Hyde Park estate. Doncaster               (D1 E)    North Street. Hyde Park. Doncaster 




(D1 F)    Hyde Park. Doncaster               (D1 G)    South Street. Doncaster




(D1 H)    Rear of house on Cooper street                                           (D1 J)    Broken window of house in Cooper street




(D1 K)   This is the rear of the houses                (D1 L)    This is South Street and almost derelict. Only a handful of tenants still remain  




(D1 M)    The back of South Street (North St side)                   (D1 N)    Cooper Street




(D1 P)    Rear of North Street (Cooper St side)                (D1 Q)    South Street




(D1 S)    Rear of houses



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